Market Update: 22.01.18 – 29.01.18

We started the week in the continuing red trend from the previous week, but it seems we have ended it quite well. There are some exciting things planned for several projects and the market cap has grown noticeably. We are very excited for the month to come and let’s hope to report on some more greens in the following week!


It’s certainly uncertain out there. One thing is for certain is that we are in the midst of a bear run. The bears are running wild wreaking havoc and creating weak hands for those who come across them. Many people have not witnessed these bears before, they heard a mate tell them he made $10,000 on bitcoin in a week and all that market does is go up!

Sure the guy is right the market does go up eventually but it isn’t all roses 100% of the time. Think about it, would it make sense for the price just to go up? People need to sell to take profits – uncertainty mixed with profit taking and you got a recipe for a disaster.

However, there are those of us who have been here before. We know the deal we build on our bags, we buy the projects with real products and real futures. After that, we then patiently wait.

In the market today we saw another red sea. One project that kept on today was VeChain – you can’t hold down a project with an immense future! This is one to look out for! During the bear runs you can expect tether to be used constantly and thus it’ll most likely be in the green.

The total market cap sits at over $520 Billion US dollars, it’s holding well so stay patient.


Remember that time we linked the market to Cardi B’s one-hit wonder Bodak Yellow where she states “these are red bottoms…”?

Well, that’s what came to mind whilst scrolling through the coin market cap today again. Only 4 coins in the top 100 are showing an increase today.

It was just so red we wanted to close it and go into the fetal position. Instead, we went for a walk and watched some tennis (Aussie Open is on).

After we cleared our heads of the negative red demons, we proceeded to convert the reds into sales stickers and we bought some more coins. The reason we did this was to bring down the average buy price down. This is what you all (money permitting) should be doing to the coins you believe in.

Now the market has dropped below $500 Billion – keep bringing your average down and don’t panic!


Yesterday was red bottoms, Today is green shoots. Only 5 coins in the top 100 are in the red; they still have a bit to catch up on from yesterdays reds.

In surprising news – Korea was in the news! What a surprise right?! This time they gave a date for old news. 30th of January is the last day our Korean friends can trade anonymously. However, in better news, Korean exchanges are opening up again! Awfully close to ICX news if you know what we mean. Speaking of ICX we still await their mainnet release; this is causing the fudders to come out in force. For me, today isn’t what will moon ICX – wait till the 31st for the real rockets.

Around the market, VeChain continued its rise, whilst Bitcoin climbed back over 11k!

In these next few weeks expect a stable market! The pattern of the past few years continues!

The market cap sits at just under $550 billion US dollars!

Stay safe peeps!


Today we saw a drop in the market cap on our inevitable journey to full recovery. It was over $570 Billion at one point before the tumble back down.

Do not stress, as we have said multiple times, this is expected in this industry and it will not affect the trajectory that is projected for us. Capitalise on the dips and make the most of it to strengthen your positions as we prepare for the bulls!

It looks like VeChain is continuing to announce and plan to announce more and more partnerships as they cement themselves as a big player in blockchain so, as we have also said before, keep an eye on this one.


Is it finally over? What will happen once the CME Bitcoin futures end? Over the past few weeks the market has tanked we all know that. Just look at your portfolio and we are sure you have taken some hits.

We can see some light at the end of the tunnel. Seems like a green light to me; the candles are sitting there along the way just waiting to be lit.

If you took our advice you bought the coins YOU believe in! Don’t worry about what some guy was paid to say! We hope you made smart decisions and didn’t just follow the hype. We believe over the next week you will reap some rewards.

Now that you have found these gems; do not get attached. We all do it, but if these bear runs teach us anything is that you can be burnt very badly if you get attached. Be willing and able to sell them without a second thought. Once you have mastered this – the real profits come.

Today in the markets the best performer was clearly DigixDAO clearly projects tied to commodities will hold well. Whilst the majority just bathed in red. #redbottoms

The market cap sits at half a trillion US Dollars – like the changeup?!

Stay safe peeps!


Yesterday we rambled on a little. We all know that. Today was fairly green; actually, lets call it a tinge of green. For those who play golf, we spent the last week in the bunker. We tried to play a few shots to get out, but we didn’t manage to make it out.

Today we got out and we have a good look at the real green/s. We are sitting nicely; make sure you choose the right club (project) to make the green the best way possible.

Anyway, how far have we come in a few years that another larger Mt.GOX occurred but it barely caused a “ripple” – see what we did there?

Big performers of the day included XRB, KCS, LRC, STRAT and 0x. BTC is back over 11k as well.

The total market cap sits at 550 Billion US Dollars – the road to recovery begins.


Let’s keep this short for you.

Today we saw the return of some large green. Our portfolio started to breathe again! We hope yours is too. The market cap has evidently grown and it may seem we are on track for a steady recovery from the fateful past few weeks. It sits at just under 600 Billion now.

There are many coins/tokens out there sitting under the green umbrella and looking quite luscious, which include KCS, RDN, NEM, ETH (Kiling it!), BTC and ICX. WTC did quite well today, before a retrace, after their exciting and much-anticipated conference.

In other news, we saw the Nucleus Vision ICO announce some controversial news that they have cancelled their main sale ‘due to the rise in ETH price’. All investors are now pre-sale and private sale investors and they are looking at exchanges now. This is the hot world of ICOs now.


Well, well, well… guys welcome back to another daily market update. We know you guys have been looking forward to this.

Having a look at the market today it started off incredibly. We are closing in onto ICX Annual Summit and we are beginning to see that being implemented into its price. It almost hit the coveted $10 mark this morning (Aussie time) before retracing slightly to $8.90.

This pretty much painted the picture for the entire market – a morning of greens was followed with a retracing. We believe those who had bought in prior to the drop would be selling for even money or a very slight profit. This is natural in this market.

Keeping in the theme of Korea – one day until their exchanges open up for trading. We are excited for this! Keep an eye on Korean projects and how their price/volume increases.

Another great performer for the day was old faithful – NEO. It rose almost 10% in the past 24 hours to hit $160, with its gas…gas following suit!

As mentioned before the market started off on fire and was well on its way back to $600 Billion US Dollars, however a slight retrace sees us sit at $570 Billion US Dollars. This is good and natural. We cannot expect to just fly back to where we were prior to Christmas.

While we prepare for this great Bull Run we hope you are all staying safe and making gains!

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